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Auto Accidents Involving Side Collisions

Orange County Auto Injury Lawyer

According to the Federal Department of Transportation, over 20% of fatal auto accidents involve a side collision of some kind, as opposed to only 10% for head-on collisions.  Side collision accidents are also more likely to cause injury, at over 32% of all accidents recorded.  Additionally, the injuries sustained in side collision accidents are often very serious, and can include brain and spine trauma, multiple bone fractures, and significant internal injuries.  One of the reasons for side collision impacts being so severe is the fact that the side of a car offers much less protection to driver and passengers than the front or the back does.  There is very little cushion between the impacting vehicle and the victim, and so the damage sustained can be great.  If you have been injured in a side collision accident and the driver of the other vehicle is at fault, then you may be entitled to compensation for your physical and emotional trauma.  Contact an Orange County auto injury attorney right away, and they will be able to increase your chances of obtaining that compensation by representing you in your case. 

Have you suffered injury in a side collision?

The consequences of being in an accident involving a side collision can be substantial.  You may be left with injuries that render you unable to work, or leave you fully or partially disabled.  This can cause not only physical and emotional hardship, but financial hardship as well.  The experienced attorneys at Pacific Attorney Group in Orange County have helped countless clients in their auto injury cases, and we understand how difficult it can be in the aftermath of a serious accident.  That is why we fight for the restitution that is rightfully theirs, so that they can properly recover from their injuries without the added stress of having to worry about the financial implications.  Contact our firm about your side collision accident today, and we will represent you in your case with the goal of acquiring full compensation for your injuries from those who were responsible. 

Contact an Orange County Auto Injury Attorney if you have been injured in an accident involving a side collision and are seeking compensation for damages.

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